Fees for Homeopathy Appointments

 Skype & In-Office Appointments


First consultations (up to 2 hours)     $300*

Follow – ups: (up to 1 hour)              $100*


First consultations (up to 90 minutes)     $250*

Follow – ups (up to 45 minutes)               $75*

Mother & Baby:

(for children under 1 year)

First consultation: (2 hours)     $300*


Acute consult (up to 30 minutes)     $60*

Family Prices:

  • I give a discount of $50 for each first time consultation for 3 or more members of the same family.

  • I also offer a discount to parents with children for follow - ups. One parent and up to 2 children. $150. (for up to 90 minutes)

      * Amounts quoted for Canadians do not include GST/HST. Tax is added on after - the amount depends on the province in which you live.



  1. All payments are in Canadian funds.
  2. Canadians, please send an Interac money order (bank transfer) up to 24 hours BEFORE your appointment.
  3. Patients from other countries, please send a Paypal payment up to 24 hours BEFORE your appointment.


  • Remedies either picked up or mailed REGULAR Canada post**

  • Quick email questions and emergency advice between scheduled appointments

  • For patients outside Canada: Remedies will be mailed within Canada. For patients in other countries, I normally ask you to order your own remedies from pharmacies closer to you. Remedies sent from Canada take a long time and may not be reliably received.

EXPRESS POST in Canada Only

** Remedies can be mailed in Canada by Express Post for an additional fee.

ADDITIONAL FEE for Express Post:

$15 additional fee for Regional Mail (Ontario or Quebec)
$20 additional fee for National mail (rest of Canada)