Mentoring for Homeopaths

One of my favourite things is working with other homeopathic colleagues, whether they are students, fledglings, or longstanding practitioners.

The four areas I am most useful in are:

Mentoring - Difficult Cases - Practice Management - Locuming

1. Mentoring support during the first couple of years of practice. 

In many other trades and professions, there is an apprenticeship period. Sadly, that is not the case with homeopathy. I have worked with a number of fledgling homeopaths who have hired me to work on their cases with them in their early year or years.  As they feel more confident, as with their homeopathic patients, they need to see me less and less.

2. Difficult cases.

I am very good at honing in on the essence of a case and suggesting directions you might not have considered, whether you are a new or a seasoned practitioner.  I have an extensive knowledge of remedies. Since 1999, my focus has been on learning and using the entire material medica, not simply the well–loved polycrests.  To that end, I continue to study, both on my own, and with well–known homeopathic teachers, in order to continually expand my own knowledge and precision in prescribing. 

3. Practice management. 

I have worked for 22 years in this profession, in two countries, in several Canadian provinces, and in almost every practice setting imaginable! This has given me a great perspective on the kinds of issues and situations that can arise in a homeopathic practice and on solutions to them.

4. Locuming.**

I offer locuming by phone and email for your practice while you are away from it, whether for medical reasons, for travel, or simply because you need a break.

I can offer support and advice to your patients, acute and even constitutional consultations, as needed. 

If you are in Canada, I can also mail out remedies to your patients. If you live elsewhere, I can recommend appropriate pharmacies or other retail outlets who can supply the remedies to them.


offer consultations individually or as a group, on Skype or in person. I charge $100 an hour (plus GST/HST, in Canada), which is the same rate as I do for treating patients.

**For locuming prices, please contact me directly, and we can work out a price that suits both of us.