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Homeopathy is a non-toxic form of medicine that sparks our innate capacity for healing ourselves.  A Homeopath's task is to match a person and his/her condition with an appropriate, individually selected homeopathic remedy.  

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About Me:

I first learned about homeopathy 37 years ago. I knew I wanted to be a homeopath from that moment. I realized, even then, that all the elements involved in the profession suited my personality, skills, and interests.

  • I love talking to and getting to know people.
  • I don’t like drugs and surgery. I hate that people suffer side effects and pain from those options.
  • I love the idea that healing is possible, using substances that are found all around us, remedies that don’t hurt us.
  • I love a good mystery and  crossword puzzles.

When I am working on a case, I feel like a detective. Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing all the pieces in a person’s life coming together in one remedy.

  • I love the simplicity and elegance of homeopathy, how one substance can lead to so much change in a person’s life.
  • I love the way homeopathy pulls on all of existence. I use the Periodic Table of Elements, as well as my growing understanding about plants and animals to choose a remedy for a patient. My continued study of homeopathy increases my knowledge of all of life.
  • When I attended University (McGill) in the 1970's, I majored in Religious Studies. I like that homeopathy has strong philosophical underpinnings.
  • In the 1980's, I worked at a Feminist Women's Health Centre in Vancouver.  There, I learned first hand how the conventional medical system was not meeting women's needs and I knew I wanted to find other ways to do so.

10 years after discovering homeopathy, I did a professional 4 year training at a college in England (Purton House School of Homeopathy, now part of Thames Valley University).

15 years later, I came full circle and did post – graduate studies (Homeopathic Master Clinician – HMC) with my original (and current) homeopath, Louis Klein in Vancouver, B.C.

I am a registered homeopath (Hom) in the province Ontario, where homeopathy is a regulated health profession.  I am also registered in the UK (RSHom) with The Society of Homeopathy whose register has been accredited with the Professional Standards Authority.

I have been in full time professional practice since 1995. During that time, I have seen thousands of patients and treated a wide variety of conditions. I have practiced in the UK, and in several Canadian provinces. For the last 12 years, I have been online treating patients who live all over the world.

About me – personally:

  • I am married and have three grown – up children and two grandchildren. They live in Vancouver, B.C. and in Korea and we visit them as often as we can.
  • I live with my husband and 2 cats in a charming and lively village, which is one hour away from both Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario. 
  • I am passionate about Zumba and Morris dancing. 
  • I love live music and organize “ house”concerts at our local cultural centre.
  • I hate injustice of all kinds and care about human and animal rights.
  • I love farmer’s markets and local, sustainable, and organic food. 
  • I use my bicycle and trains for transportation, whenever possible. 
  • I garden.I especially love growing plants that I know as homeopathic remedies. 
  • I colour. I love colour and design and (other peoples') art. I also adore heritage buildings.
  • I love hanging out with my husband, my family, my friends, our cats, and doing things in our community. I am currently the co - president of our village business association

Je parle français et il me fera plaisir de vous servir dans les deux langues.


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