Online Homeopathic Consultations:

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Homeopathy is a non-toxic form of medicine that sparks our innate capacity for healing ourselves. A Homeopath's task is to match a person and his/her condition with an appropriate, individually selected homeopathic remedy.

I have been meeting with patients online for more than 10 years and have found it to be a very effective way of conducting a homeopathic consultation  


Six Reasons Why Online Homeopathic Consultations Make Good Sense: 

  1.  You can stay in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.  

  2. You can move to another town, country, or continent and still keep me as your homeopath, if you so choose.  

  3. You can consult me, if you need to, even when you are on holiday. 
  4. You can often meet me outside of normal office hours. This is especially true if we are in different time zones. 
  5.  You can consult with me during acute illnesses - whether yours or your children’s. No risk of passing on viral illnesses to others. No need to go out in the winter cold or even to change from your pyjamas and bathrobe! 
  6. You can show me your life! I love it when artist patients take me into their studios to see their new work or when children take me into their bedrooms to show me their favourite toys and books or  when you are able to take me around the house you have been renovating.

Homeopaths treat whole people and these aspects tell me so much more about you than I get in an office visit.



How Does an online Consultation Work?

I meet with patients online using FaceTime (only works if you have an Mac computer, an IPhone or an IPad); Messenger (through Facebook); and Zoom.  We can discuss in your introductory appointment which technology will be best for you. 

Most recent computers have built-in microphones and webcams. If not, you can purchase inexpensive devices from office stores or online to attach to your computer.  

For many of my patients, meeting online has been a revelation!

They now are also using some of these platforms to get back in touch with old friends and family in other places. 




This gives you a chance to meet me and to discuss whether or not homeopathic treatment might be helpful to you and whether or not I am a person you feel comfortable working with. 


After seeing you for this first consultation, I spend considerable time studying all you have told me and researching which remedy would best suit you. This is reflected in the higher price.

Homeopathic services are covered by some Extended Insurance plans. Check with your company to be sure and let me know if you have any further questions about insurance coverage.


Payments can be made at the time of booking online through Stripe (with your credit card) or with Paypal or Canadian patients can send me an etransfer directly from their bank. 

Pat is brilliant and has helped me overcome problems that had plagued me for years and that no other healthcare professional had been able to help me with. I’m very grateful!
— LS, 10 January 2016